Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guitar Hero 3 on MAC!!!???

This looks pretty sweet. It seems that they are working on a portable... if you have a laptop... version of Guitar Hero 3 for Mac and PC. That means... Guitar Hero anywhere... and playing anyone online anywhere...

Rock on!!!

Check out the story HERE:
"Rocking out with a big plastic guitar will soon no longer be purely the privilege of the console owning masses, as Aspyr announces an exclusive deal with Activision to develop and publish Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PC and Mac platforms this fall. Not only does this open up the game to a whole new segment of players, but if you've got a nice gaming laptop it essentially makes this the first portable version of Guitar Hero. On top of all of the regular features of the game, Aspyr's version will allow PC and Mac users to battle against each other in online multiplayer, perhaps allowing us to settle the Mac versus PC debate once and for all in glorious rock combat! Bring it on!"

Looks sweet!!!



  1. My cousins have Guitar Hero and i am so good at it and so as HOW DO I GET IT?

  2. Are asking how do you get it for you Mac computer? If that's the question, you can order it online or you can go to any Apple store and buy it. I believe that it comes complete with game and 1 controller.
    If you asking how can you get the game Guitar Hero III? That's a more complicated question that involved what gaming system you have. Then it involves hitting Best Buy or some other place with video games for sale. Etc.