Monday, September 24, 2007

First shot at a podcast!!! Live on iTunes right now!!!

If you haven't heard of a podcast, maybe you should come into the modern era. Podcasts are a pretty big deal... especially if you have an iPod and iTunes.

Basically if you don't know, it's basically a radio show that is recorded, placed online where you can subscribe (and iTunes downloads automatically) or you can choose which ones to download.

While I was out in California, I got to do my first podcast with a buddy of mine... Tony Steward... It was great fun. If you would like to listen... Click HERE and download away! We talked about 2 tips of being a mentor and 2 tips for those being mentored. It really was a lot of fun.

Tony has promised that if I download Skype (and exercise more regularly), he'll have me on as a guest again. I'm looking forward to it... and listening to me on a podcast for the first time!!!


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