Saturday, August 16, 2008

House Hunters... Trip 2

Yesterday, we headed out with Sandra to look at some homes in the North Aurora/Batavia area that we are interested in.

House 5 is a 4 bedroom house in North Aurora on North Adams Street. I really like this house. After our visit, it quickly jumped to the top of the list for me. It's an older home and one of the downsides is that it has water/radiator heat. But it has a huge basement and lots of potential. Plus, a fenced in backyard. It needs to be cleaned up a bit (by the former owners), but I think that I will want to see this one again.

House 6 was also in North Aurora. But it was weird. Someone who had owned the house before had transformed it into 3 apartments (one in the basement, main level and upstairs) and now they were converting it back into a single family home. But they had made some changes to the house that made it feel weird. Definitely a no-go.

House 7 was also a bit of a disappointment. We knew that this house said that it would "need work." But I think that it needed more than "need work." It was pretty rough in some places. But it's right along a pretty busy state highway and it has no (zero, zilch) backyard.

House 8 made me sad... literally. It's a beautiful little house with lots of potential in North Aurora in a cute little subdivision. But according to the note in the window, the previous owners were evicted. And it looks like they took all their stuff, stopped up the sink or shower and left the water running. There is major floor damage in the wood flooring in the living room, the walls have damage, the furnace was ruined and not even present and there was mold everywhere. It would have been a really cute house if some idiot hadn't destroyed it before they left. The neighborhood is really nice looking and it's good some good potential. But it would require some major $$$$ to get it into a condition to live in. But as I walked around in it I just felt sad that someone would treat something like that that way.

House 9 was a cute little house in Batavia. There are a couple of downsides... the living room is pretty small... there only one bathroom. The basement is full with lots of potential, but it would require some work.

All in all, it was a good trip. The house on North Adams stood out to me, but we'll see what happens. Check back in next week for another exciting edition of House Hunters, the Clark Edition. If you missed the previous edition, check it out HERE.


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