Friday, September 19, 2008

House Hunters... Trip 7... Return of House #8

Way back in August... seems like forever again, we checked out THIS house... House #8. You may remember it because it made both Jackie and I sad because it has some damage... we are/were thinking that maybe the homeowner inflicted it before they were evicted.

Well, last weekend I was thinking our search through and talking with my Uncle Johnny. He encouraged me to reconsider this house. Today, that's pretty much all that Jackie and I did on our walk. We had planned to talk to Sandy (our agent) about it. When we got in the car, she had already lined up a viewing with it today, forgetting that we had already seen it. But that was great... since we wanted to see it again. We pulled in Mark Fields (house builder extraordinaire) to assess some of the needed fixes on it... about $20,000... and to see about their "do-ability."

All the cogs fell into place... we got into the house without mentioning it to our agent... Mark dropped by... and we actually spent about an hour and 15 minutes walking around and looking and talking and dreaming.

Tonight, we're still talking about it. We've run some comparables on the house and for the price... which has come down a couple of times from previously, we may make an offer on this house... we're still thinking... talking... researching... and praying. So, we'll see.

I see a lot of potential. I think that we could give it new life again... but we'll have to see.

Maybe... maybe more on this one to come.

House 27 is a really big house. It is much larger than it seems from the outside. The rooms are big... the master bedroom is huge with a pretty nice master bath. It's got a pool in back... above ground... but enough to get wet in... which is the point, right? But, the basement is a little wet in one corner and it's going to need some paint and carpet. For the price, this one is on the backburner right now... We can only consider one fixer-upper at a time.

All in all, today was a good house hunting trip. Tune in next time to see if we'll make an offer on house number 8 or go back to the drawing board!!


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  1. Ever since you said that you and your wife were praying about buying a house I have prayed for you all as you come to mind, probably not as consistent as I would like, but I have definitely been praying for you all nonetheless. I hope something works out for you, whether House #8 or another one down the road!