Monday, April 02, 2007

Coming to a school near you? Indoctrination!!!

This article is a reprint of an article found in the April 2007 issue of Nehemiah Ministries newsletter.

It is by Steve Jordahl and Wendy Cloyd and it was copied from THIS link.

Parents of freshmen at Chicago's Deerfield High School say students are required to attend lectures on gay sexuality, and then sign a contract forbidding them to talk about it afterward.

Ellen Waltz's son and his friends told her about the lectures -- delivered by other students -- and the contract.

"[They said,] 'We had to sit there and listen to them tell us about their feelings and what it's like to be gay,' " Waltz said. "They make them sign a contract stating that they won't say anything that's in the room."

Lora Sue Hauser, a school-issues adviser for North Shore Student Advocacy, said a group of boys told her school officials threatened those who were reluctant to sign the contract.

"[They were told] 'You will sign this or you will go to the dean,' " Hauser said.

Dr. Sue Hebson, vice-superintendent of the school district, told Family News in Focus that there is no contract. She also denied that the classroom discussions involve sexuality.

"That's not part of the conversation," Hebson said.

But Hauser said that's just not so.

"During the semester they have a panel of gay, transgender (and) bisexual students who speak to these freshmen," she said. "Sometimes they talk about statistics and causality."

Parents complained last year when the school asked students to match sexually deviant terms with their definitions. The school responded by posting the curriculum information behind a password-protected page on the school's Web site.

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women for America, said this year’s freshmen orientation is part of an aggressive plan to corrupt American sexual practices.

"If you can maintain control of undeveloped and impressionable youth and spoon-feed them misinformation -- lies and half-truths about dangerous, disordered and extremely risky behaviors -- then you can control the future and ensure that those behaviors are not only fully accepted, but celebrated," Barber told World Net Daily.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said it is important for parents across the nation to realize that this is not an isolated incident.

"Schools in many states are opening their doors to outside gay-rights groups who conduct so-called gay-awareness events or diversity days," Cushman said. "And there are now more than 3,000 pro-gay clubs in high schools nationwide."

Parents in Deerfield must take a stand, she added.

"These public school officials are blatantly disrespecting local parents and students who hold different viewpoints," Cushman said. "But the good news is that parents and students can fight back by standing up for their equal access rights."


Parents, students and the church needs to stand up for what is right and for protecting our children and spreading the truth about God's love and his grace and mercy and forgiveness. We've all messed up and we all need his love and forgiveness.


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