Monday, April 02, 2007

Last Night's World On Fire Concert!!!

Last night was a great night!!!!

We had a great 2 and half hours of music. We had three incredible bands that were both great to listen to and great to hang out with.

First up was "Rush of Fools." They are currently up there on the charts with their song "Undo." They came out and rocked us with four songs. In fact, they are going to be visiting some friends of mine out at Saddleback soon!!!

Next, "The Turning" came out and rocked out the place. (They were my favorite from the night!!!) They rocked about 6 or 7 songs. And they will be forever remembered as the band that brought in the fire department.

During the next to last song by the Turning, they were running a haser... which we had tested earlier and didn't have any problems with... but during the song, it got a little thicker than before... and the smoke alarms went off!!!!

Up rolled the Batavia and Elburn firefighters. They didn't make us evacuate... which was nice... In fact, the Elburn guys hung around for about 30 minutes after they turned off the alarm.

Finally, By the Tree came out and rocked the house.

Following the show all three bands hung around and signed autographs... some of which will be hanging on the walls of the Warehouse soon...

Overall, it was a great concert and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Several commented on looking forward to when we do it again. Which we will. But it will be a few months...

Great night though...


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