Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's always amazing what people post on the internet..."

I'm working tonight on my final for Hebrew Exegesis. The final is due on Tuesday afternoon. But as I'm working on this final, which is basically a reaction to an article written about the "eternal nature of the earth." Which may or may not be a Biblical idea as I will be working on for my final.

But as I'm working on this, it reminds me about the crazy nature of the internet. Which I understand is somewhat ironic, as you read this on the internet. But any one with a computer and an internet connection and little bit of time can begin a blog. And anyone with a little know-how can create a website and put any thing at all on it.

I guess I write this to remind you to be careful of what you read and write on the internet. And a simple reminder that whatever is posted on the internet, doesn't always make it true.

Just a few thoughts...
On my blog... (ironic, I know)...


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  1. But there's some really cool stuff out there on the 'Net.

    Like my web sites, for instance! :)