Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tonight... Rock River Christian Camp...

Tonight I'm actually posting this message from one of the dorm rooms at Rock River Christian Camp, our Christian camp near Polo, IL. Our students (mostly high school) are spending the night out here in preparation for helping the camp with some work projects around the facility tomorrow.

For me, this is two weekends back to back on the road. Last weekend, Believe in Anderson, IN. Tonight, Rock River in Polo, IL. Those guys who do this week in and week out... I have no idea how they do it.

For me, the students are in bed and I thought I would hang out a bit and get a little school-work done as I am working on a Hebrew assignment and a video for Restoration History (which I will post here when I am finished). That was, until I heard the familiar (ding) sound of my email notifier... I guess the camp has moved into the WiFi era... and I'm actually getting a decent signal.

Oh well... Back to work and tomorrow... Back home!!!


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