Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Honk for Jesus"

I heard about this story this morning on the radio... Interesting...

(Naugatuck-WTNH) _ Noise complaints have been brewing in Naugatuck since two local business owners have asked drivers to voice their opinions by honking their horns.

You could call it a battle of biblical terms. Along one of Naugatuck's busiest streets, a sign of faith is generating more than prayers. In a plaza on Rubber Avenue, business owner Claudette Soden placed a sign in the parking lot that said, "Easter: Beep for Christ."

An owner of a shop that puts photos onto DVDs placed a sign in front of a parking lot, which is used by both businesses, that says, "Easter: Beep for Christ.

"People are beeping. It seems like they are for it, that's why they are beeping," said Soden.

After the horns started honking outside her neighbor, the No Regrets Tattoo Shop posted their own sign, "Honk Twice for the Devil." The two opposing views made headlines this holy week.

Click HERE to read the rest of the story or watch the video. I wonder how they tell whether it was two honks or just two people honking...


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