Thursday, May 03, 2007

PDYM Community Lunch reflections

We just wrapped up our Spring Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Community Lunch here at FVCC. And it was a good lunch. The conversation was great. It's always great to sit (as Doug Fields would say) knee to knee, eye to eye and talk about youth ministry. These times always thrill me. Hearing what's working in other ministries... see what isn't... talking big picture and strategy is exciting.

What always frustrates me about these lunches are the folks who never show up. Community and building relationships ought to be vital to all student ministries. And so why not make a little time to build relationships with others and encourage one another? I don't get it. Especially from some who claim to value relationships and connections.

I guess it comes down to priorities.
It's what you make time for and what you don't. If strengthening your ministry and your person, then you make time for those things that help you that way. If it isn't, you don't. Because you really make time for what is important in all areas of life (family, friends, TV, etc).

I feel that building some of those bridges ought to be a priority and it frustrates me when others say that they do, but then their actions say otherwise...


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