Saturday, May 12, 2007

That Middle School Thing pics...

Here are a few pictures from today's that Middle School Thing... (Thanks Jeff!!!)

First we hit Pizza Hut from some great pizza... Adam is surprised by the camera.

Then we headed down to the fun center... We had a little Water War... Brooke and Laura show us out to get good hangtime on water balloons.

David got a little 'too' wet during a water war...

Chad, Jeff and I tee-ed up for some mini-golf. (Jeff pulled out his driver for this hole...)

But the highlight of the day was the go-carts. Here, I'm getting strapped in to lap the field in the final race of the day.

Here I am putting on a driving clinic... notice several students... Adam, Chad and Laura trying to keep up with my "speed"!!!!

It was a great day!!!


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