Saturday, October 27, 2007

Car Rally pics from last weekend...

Last weekend we had a great student ministry event that we have done the last couple of falls called the "Car Rally."

Basically, we put middle and high school students together in teams and then match them up with an adult driver and send them out with a digital camera to answer questions, collect clues and take pictures in a huge scavenger hunt.

It really is a lot of fun. This year's winners for Middle School were Sarah Ray and Sarah Pierson. The High School winners were Nate Nasralla, Will Deuerling and Brooke O'Neal.

The picture above is Mary looking awesome on that Harley...

Here, Kayla, Rebekah and Shelby are moving on to another site and having a blast...

Here are the Middle School winners... Sarah and Sarah... looking buff!!!

Here's our last middle school team pumping some iron... and Lucas is showing it off while Will gets ready to work out.

Here's one of our high school teams... Bailey, Natalie, Clayton and Paige are fighting it out in the parking lot of our old church building in Batavia.

Here is the winning high school team... Will, Nate and Brooke...


It was a great event. We had about 25 students participating and had some great adult drivers. Thanks Jeff, Craig, Becky, Andi, Betsy, Carolyn, Mark, and Gary. It was a great event. And especially thank to Sandy and Ann who put it together. It was truly great!!!


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