Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Article on Myspace

One of my Cali friends, Josh Griffin, wrote a great article on Myspace/Facebook/online community sites. You can check it out HERE. Here's a brief snipet:

"The simple fact is that, like it or not, your students are online. They are going to be gathering where their friends are. They will log into MySpace, Facebook or AOL (and whatever’s next) before most of you have had your morning coffee. With that in mind, how can you help students navigate the world of online social networking?

Here are the three commitments I ask students to make when I teach when speaking with them about the time they spend online:
1. I will stranger-protect my MySpace profile.
2. I will limit the use of personal information online.
3. I will open myself up to my parents and accountability.

Good article Josh!!!


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