Tuesday, October 02, 2007

iTunes at Starbucks!!!

Yesterday was the day for the roll-out of the the Exclusive Starbucks store on iTunes when in a Starbucks. I can hardly wait until March when it hits the Chicago market. It makes me almost want to hop on a plane and fly out... just kidding... but kinda...

Here's a clip of a story found HERE complete with pics!!!
" As promised and Starbucks started their rollout of the Starbucks WiFi Music Store in select cities. Gear Live is lucky enough to be in Seattle, the first city to get the special version of the iTunes Music Store in our Starbucks. The service allows laptops, iPhones, and the iPod Touch users to connect for free to the iTunes store while sipping lattes without having to pay for for a T-Mobile Hotspot account. Click through for our full impressions on Apple’s new partnership with the coffee mega-store Starbucks."

Very cool... very cool...


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