Tuesday, October 02, 2007

iTunes on my iPhone!!!

Monday iTunes downloaded a new firmware update for my iPhone.

This was pretty exciting because this was the first time that this had happened since I bought my phone about two months ago. It took a while to download... but it gave me two totally excellent things.

First, they changed a couple of the icons. Now, that might seem like a little thing. But just the fact that they could change that means that the iPhone will continue to change and adapt as new ideas come out. Very cool... unlike most phones where you're stuck with what you're stuck with when you buy it.

Second... along that same idea... they finally have iTunes available on the iPhone. Now, from my phone I can purchase music (I bought a couple of songs yesterday and today trying it out) directly on my phone and it syncs back automatically to my iTunes on my computer when I plug it in. Very cool.
**Two potential downsides which I hope they rectify in the future. 1. You can only use the iTunes store from a location where you have access to a Wifi signal. No Wifi... no iTunes. That's a pretty big bummer because you don't always have Wifi... Plus, the whole idea, from what I understand, is that you can download music on-the-go because "music happens." Well... not if you don't have Wifi... Maybe the "Edge" network from AT&T can't handle it... yet. Maybe they will get it going soon.
#2. There isn't any access to podcasts. My thought was... "Hey, I can download my podcasts directly onto my phone without having to waste the space on my computer in iTunes." At this point... no such luck... unless I haven't found the location yet.

But hopefully Apple will fix these two little oversights and give us faithful iPhone users complete access to iTunes. We'll see.

As for now... Maybe I'll go download a song or two...


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