Saturday, October 27, 2007

Google Searches Leading HERE...

I'm always amazed at what combinations of "Google Searches" lead people to my humble blog...

Here are some of the most recent:
-guitar hero 3 aspyr
-starbucks iphone
-starbucks song of the day
-guitar hero 3 mac
-how do I get iTunes on my iPhone
-starbucks "song of the day"
-24 season 7 commercial
- "Tunak Tunak Tun translation"
-iphone diet
-man vs wild fake
-spiderman recap
-guitar hero 3 for macintosh
-youth ministry iphone
-michigan stinks
-starbucks song of the day playlist
-man vs wild dvd

Looking at those who have googled and arrived at my blog, I listen to a lot of music, play a lot of video games, watch plenty of Discovery channel and hang out a lot at Starbucks...

Maybe it's more accurate than I thought...



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