Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Progressive Dinners!!!

We've got a great Christmas Party lined up for December 14th for both middle and high school students. We are planning a Progressive Dinner (everyone travels to different houses... eating a different course of the meal as they go). At the final homes, each ministry will have a $5 gift exchange.

It will be a total blast. Now, I'm just waiting to see who has the best lineup of food before I decide where I'm going... hehe...

Frontline (High School) will be visiting these families:
-Morton/Hutto (appetizer)
-Brooks (main course... spaghetti and breadsticks)
-Reffett (dessert and gift exchange)

Underground (Middle School) will be visiting these families:
-Cerezo (appetizer)
-Galloway (main course)
-Alfred (dessert... brownie sundaes... mmmmmm...)

Student are signing up for the Progressive Dinners right now. It starts at 6 pm and concludes at 9:30 pm and costs just $10!!! That's a pretty good deal...

I can't wait!!!


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