Friday, November 16, 2007

ESPN 360!!!

I love ESPN 360!

Recently we discovered that if you have AT&T Internet (which we do both at the office and at home), you can surf over to And what you will find is that you can watch live games that aren't on TV. And you can also watch replays of previous games!!!!

This is incredible. And the stream that is sometimes herky-jerky on live streaming stuff like this on the Internet, is actually pretty good.

Right now, I'm enjoying some morning Starbucks (Christmas blend) and watching a replay of last weekend's Ohio State loss to Illinois (normally I won't care to watch, since I know the outcome... but I've heard several reports of poor officiating and several have asked me for my comment... so I thought I would watch and get an opinion so I can comment).

If you've got AT&T... go for it. It's great!!!


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