Saturday, December 01, 2007

Blitz read complete!!!

I just finishing flying through this book. It's Authentic Worship by Herbert Batemann.

This is the final book required for my "Biblical Worship for Today" class at Lincoln. I use the term flying because I read this 300 page book is less than 2 days!!! I am required to turn in 5 discussion questions for class on Tuesday.

It was a pretty decent read. A little heady and meaty in places. But overall pretty good. There was a great chapter on the lack of Scripture reading in our congregations today that left me with something to think about. I struggled with Webber's chapter on communion (because I couldn't figure out if he was advocating "Transubstantiation," "Consubstantiation" or something in the middle. My sense is the latter... and the lack of clarity annoyed me.) and the final chapter by Stalltman on multiculturalism in worship (not because I disagree but because he seemed to advocating a rejection of American culture in worship for the inclusion of worship elements that are abrasive for Americans because they are accepted by other cultures more readily).

Overall... it was decent. And again, it left me with somethings to chew on.


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  1. Sounds like a decent book. If you have the time, check out the book Praying Twice. It deals more specifically with church music, but from your reservations about Batemann, it might be the classicist counterpoint that you're looking for.