Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas shopping and snow!!!

The snow has been crazy here this winter. This is more snow that we have had any of the other 2 winters that we have lived here. There has been a couple of inches of snow on the ground for the last couple of weeks and then this week, it was covered and sealed with ice.

Tonight we're getting a couple more inches of snow.

I was out in the snow some this afternoon as I joined the shopping masses and shopped for my wife. She was working... But I hit a couple of places and picked up some stuff. I would share... since she never reads my blog... but just in case she gets crazy, I'll refrain. But I've got a little more money to spend on her. But I got most of what I am planning. Fun fun!!! Lots of people.

It's starting to look... and feel like... Christmas!!!


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