Monday, December 03, 2007

Center for Parent/Youth Understand... the Golden Compass...

I have been watching and reading some of the plethora of emails floating around about the upcoming movie called the "The Golden Compass." If you haven't heard at least something about this movie, it's a movie that set to open in a couple of days/weeks (I haven't paid that close of attention to it). But basically it is very similar in style to Chronicles of Narnia (in fact, the author Phillip Pullman openly admits to using some of Lewis' imagery...) but the movie has a very different agenda.

Phillip Pullman is what is being called an Evangelistic Atheist. Meaning, he doesn't believe in God and he's not afraid to tell you about it and wants to tell you about it.

Well... I have been watching the emails roll in... and they have been rolling in... and probably will roll again from Christians all saying the same thing... "Don't go... It's evil..."

And my thought has been... it's a movie... it's Hollywood... why shouldn't we expect this? I'm not saying that it's right... but I'm saying I'm not surprised. Hollywood wants to make money and it made tons of money on Lewis' Chronicles... why not try this?

Today, I got an email from the Center for Youth/Parent Understanding... feel free to check out their website, its extremely informative. And part of what caught my attention was an article that's coming out in their winter issue of their magazine called "Engage" by Dr. John Seel.

Here's the snipet that I would like to highlight and you can feel free to go and read the remainder of the article which is very short... but Dr. John Seel says this:

"The most powerful aspect of culture is the way it shapes our moral imagination. As Einstein observed, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' Books and films such as The Golden Compass are opportunities for important discussions with our children about truth and the nature of reality. We need not be defensive or judgmental. God's truth will prevail. All that is at risk is casual Christianity and unreflective belief. Assertive atheism can be a good thing, if it encourages us to become serious seekers of truth. Many will simply use such films to justify their rebellious attitudes toward authority. That shouldn't surprise us. More important than blaming atheists for what they think and write is to acknowledge the failure of Christian believers to provide thoughtful, winsome, and life-affirming alternative in our culture. This is the challenge of our time.
"It would be easy for us to not meet this challenge head-on and simply flee from our protest the books and the film. Sadly, many Christians have taken such an alarmist approach. But anger and protest often communicates insecurity. A Biblical response calls us to go much deeper."

To which I add: Amen!!! Well said Dr. Seel!!! And thanks to CYPU for putting together some good thoughts!

If you would like to download this article, click HERE.


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