Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some thoughts on the Golden Compass

One of my best friends went and saw the Golden Compass a couple of days ago (I know I can hear the gasps...). He had some really great thoughts about it. Here is a link to Chris Genders' blog. It's really a great article...

Here's a little snipet:
"With all of the controversy swirling around about the movie and the books, I quickly decided that I was going to make a determination on my own rather than relying upon the words and thoughts of people that I don't know. (This is something I challenge everyone to do - to approach what they read, hear, see with a critical eye in an effort to determine for themselves what is true or false.) So I decided to go to the movies last night...

"I do not want to encourage or discourage you from watching this film or reading the books and making up your own mind about it. What I would say is that if you allow your children to watch the movie or read the books, do not be personally uneducated. Be intentional about watching/reading it with them. You will need to talk with them about it...

"In the end, this movie and these books are simply an attempt to do what thousands of others have done throughout history. And yet Christ still remains standing when the dust settles. Are there problems within the religion of Christianity? Absolutely. Are there problems with Christ? No way...."

Great article Chris!!!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'll call you soon to talk in more detail. - Chris


    Thought you might be interested in that op-ed piece. I've heard people talk about Pullman, but I've neither read nor seen his works. But it sounds like he is to children's lit what Chris Hitchens is to political entertainment.