Sunday, December 16, 2007

a rare morning off...

So today is an unusual day.

Since September, we've been doing our middle school worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:50 am. Which has been incredible for our middle school ministry!!! In many ways... that are too many for this post... but might be good for a future post.

But today is the first morning of our 3-week holiday break... both for Sunday nights (High Voltage) and Sunday mornings (Live Wire). We're taking a break for a couple of reasons. 1. It gives our students time to worship for the holidays with their parents. 2. It gives our students freedom to travel and not feel like they are missing something. 3. It gives our volunteers a brief break for family occasions and worship.

But I realized this morning how much I have missed coming to church and just being here. I'm not teaching. I'm not leading. I'm not organizing anything. I'm just sipping some coffee and having some conversations. Usually on Sunday mornings, I'm running around like my hair is on fire and I'm trying to keep it from getting in my eyes... but this morning is different. Call it... a change of pace.

And it's been a beneficial morning. I already had one conversation and lined up a volunteer for our middle school ski trip on February 18th (shameless plug!). But it's nice just to walk around and relax a little.

Right now, 1st hour worship is happening and I had time to post a blog. Jackie and I are planning to worship 2nd. It's good.


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