Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DC Talk download!!!

I have always been a huge fan of dctalk. I was even in the mosh pit when they visited Bristol on the Jesus Freak Tour. Oh, what a night that was!!!

I would love for them to put out a fresh album. I have loved the solo stuff, but it would be great to have some collaboration stuff. I have loved Tait's efforts... I've seen him a couple of times in concert and can't wait for a new album. I have loved Toby's stuff... it's great. But I haven't really gotten into KMax's stuff. It just really hasn't wet my whistle.

But his latest album, is called "The Blood." It's still early to know for sure if I'll pick up the whole album. But thanks to a tip from Corry Mann, there is a dctalk song on the new album... It's called "The Cross." I just downloaded it... well worth the buck... and its just making me want a dctalk album more.


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