Tuesday, March 30, 2010

D.R. Trip 2010 - Monday 1

Hey all...
Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was all set and ready to post and then the internet went out. Bummer about being in a third world country...

But we're up online now.

This is a picture of the Central Church. We are working (rebar) on the second floor... what looks like the roof. But this is what the outside looks like currently.

At lunch time today, we went to the "Hole." It's called the Hole because it is literally a hole where all the water runoff from that section of town runs down into a creek that runs through. The area is controlled by a drug lord who's allowed G.O. to serve the kids. We fed them lunch.

Bailey is posed with a couple of them. They are wild and just want to be paid attention to!

Jemi and Alyssa are helping to serve lunch. These students get a hot lunch because they are a part of the G.O. Kids program. Each kid gets a plate and they know exactly how much they are supposed to get.

Then we went for a little tour. This is what the creek looks like running through the Hole. Every once in a while a strong storm will come through and wipe out the bridge. But imagine if all the trash, garbage and whatever just ran through the streets and ended up here.

After lunch, we went back to rebar tying. Which we've been doing a lot of!!!

It was a pretty hot day. But the work was good.

After dinner, we are heading to "Bon" to get some ice cream. Watch for those pictures next!!!


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