Wednesday, March 24, 2010

G.O. Ministries Dominican Republic Team Tracker

It's kinda a little crazy. In 2 days, the 2010 D.R. Team will be in Miami right now waiting for our flight to Santiago!!!! Amazing!!!

We've been working on the trip for about a year and it's almost here. Pretty exciting. After all the pecan sales, chili dinner work, personal fundraising letters and the yard sale... we're almost there!

17 (13 students and 4 adults) of us will be heading to Santiago via Miami on Friday around 12:35 pm (American Airlines flight 1933) and then to Santiago (American Airlines flight 749).

We will be doing a little VBS while we're there. We'll also spend three days doing construction. It will be a great trip!!! I can't wait!!!

I hope, while we're there to be able to post some pictures and videos here on my blog. But should I not be able to get online consistently, you can keep up with us on G.O. Ministries "Team Tracker" website/blog. (Check it out HERE.)

We are grateful for your prayers and thoughts while we're gone!! It will be an amazing trip!!!


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