Saturday, March 27, 2010

D.R. Trip 2010 - Saturday

We have had a very full day already. We started off the morning with some Children's Ministry. There was singing and clapping.

Then our group presented a skit about the fall of Jericho. Following that, we passed out some coloring book pages for the children to color.

Here Amanda is helping (which is really hard when you don't know Spanish).

Bailey was the pied piper today. She brought some bubbles... which was a huge hit this morning and this afternoon. They love to catch them and smash them!

A treat for sure!!! Real coke, made from real sugar in real glass bottles!!!

It's awesome!! Lisa, Justin, Nico and Alyssa are enjoying one!!!

Following lunch and a long siesta (which was incredible), we headed out into a more rural area where we helped with Children's church again. Pastor Nico (not the one that we brought) pastors this small church which is in process of building a feeding clinic on the other side.

After this we headed out to Nico's house for a short visit.

Right now we're changing and cleaning up some dinner. Tonight we are heading over to Gabriel and Tata's house for dinner. It will be a great time of connecting this them!!! Hopefully more tonight!

Jim (5:39 pm - Eastern)

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