Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simply Youth Ministry launches rewards!!!

I love free stuff!!!

I always download a free song. I get points on my credit card for free flights. I get points when I fill up with gas to get free gas.

I like free!

So I was pretty pumped when Simply Youth Ministry launched a Rewards page today. Why you ask?

Cause it's free stuff. And it's not just stuff that no one wants... but great stuff!!!

It's a pretty simple concept. Buy stuff... get points for free stuff!!! Sounds good to me! In fact, I went ahead and got some free points today for a purchase I was planning to make anyway.

Check out Simply Insider's blog about it or just go straight over to Simply Youth Ministry and buy some stuff and get some points. (Hint: You get triple points for the next three days!!! Get more free stuff!!!)

And tell them Jim Clark sent you!! (Not that it will really matter to them but it will be fun for me...)


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