Monday, March 22, 2010

Running update...


I'm a little disappointed.

When I started running over 6 months ago, I started with the goal of running a 10k in Santiago, Dominican Republic when we're there for our spring break missions trip. (HERE is my first post about running... I actually started running the first of August... I just didn't tell anyone.)

But I was disappointed recently as it seems that the 10k race that I was planning to run in... isn't happening.

To be clear, I was never certain that it would happen. My hope was that it happened last year and they would do it again this year and I would be ready. Although I am ready (for the most part), the race doesn't seem to be happening.

So as I headed out for my 4 mile run this afternoon, I was dealing with some disappointment. Disappointment because I wouldn't have a chance to finish what I started. Running a 10k in the D.R.

On the upside, some great things have happened. I'm officially back to my college (fighting) weight... 242. I feel pretty healthy. I've run through an injury (Achilles). I've run a 5k. I'm thinking about running a 4 mile race when I get back... can't find a 10k to run. (Before I started I couldn't have run down the street... now 3 or 4 miles is normal.) And I'm toying with the idea of running the Columbus, Ohio Marathon/Half Marathon in October.

So... While I'm disappointed that my original goal won't happen. I'm still running. Still logging miles. And still losing weight.



  1. Hey there will probably be some North Terrace people to do the Columbus marathon/half marathon in October, so you could have some company. I won't be one of them!! :) But, just thought you'd like to know. On another note, I'm so glad we're in Joshua now. I loved today's reading.

  2. Yeah, I kinda figured there might. I printed off my training schedule for the next 12 weeks after I get back from the DR. I'll be running the half... I debated on the full... but I don't think I could be ready in time. But you (Angie) should join us!!!! :-)

    As for the reading, I'm in Joshua too... but my "daily read" posts will be Deuteronomy for a couple more days... some good stuff to post towards the end.