Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minute to Win It - Youth Ministry ready games!!!

We (those of us in youth ministry) are always trying to come up with cool, new, easy games.

This weekend, NBC handed them to us.

I saw the other day on my buddy's blog (Youth Ministry Geek) about the new NBC show "Minute to Win It." I'm still a little frustrated with NBC over the whole Conan O'Brien thing... but I thought I would check it out.

The game idea is simple and totally youth ministry ready. Contestants take on 10 very simple, yet surprisingly difficult, challenges in hopes of winning a million bucks.

Here's where youth ministry comes in. The games are so simple... and so easy to set up... that they are practically begging to be used. Not only that, NBC's website tells you the rules, provides you with a resource list and shows you how to do it. While we don't have a million bucks to give away and can't give it 60 minutes... you could give away simple prizes (candy bars, iTunes gift cards, donuts...) and play one quickly at the start of your student ministry event.

Many of the games require things like panty hose and pennies, plastic cups, pencils, string and candy. They are simple ready to use games to add to your youth ministry. (We tried one today called "penny hose" where students had to retrieve pennies from the bottom of panty hose without using their hands... pretty funny!!) Add a student or a couple, a 60 second timer and you're ready to go!

HERE is a quick YouTube video that we used to introduce the segment... just in case you aren't familiar with the show.

But if you are looking for quick, ready to use and easy to set up games... "Minute to Win It" is your newest helper!

Just trying to help!



  1. great post jim! one of my adult leaders has been talking about this for a couple of weeks. wishing there was some of the messier games...squid toss or maybe a new take on the old "drink-a-can-of-soda-through-my-neighbors-sock" trick...but they all look great.

  2. Excellent -- Thanks for the link to the YouTube intro bit. My wife started doing a different "Minute to Win It" game during her Wed. night Jr. High class a couple of weeks ago; we're going to do one for the first time with the Sunday morning crew tomorrow. We've done "Face the Cookie" & "Nose Dive" so far -- I'm thinking that we're going to do "Penny Hose" tomorrow...