Wednesday, March 31, 2010

D.R. Trip 2010 - Wednesday 1

This morning started off with a great tour of the school.

Here we are hanging out in the courtyard/playground talking about the school. The school is three levels high... although you can't see the top level very well from this picture.

While in the library (upstairs), Alyssa found a book that she wants to read. The library is pretty cool. They have 43 laptop computers (which none of the public schools in the area even have). Which I am also grateful for this week... hence we have Internet to send out these messages each afternoon.

This is a picture of the school from the street. You can see the third level a little bit better.

Some of the students brought books to donate to the school. Books are extremely expensive to buy here. We bought several and brought them down with us. An average children's book, just to give you an idea, would cost about $10-$12. (BTW: G.O. Ministries has set up a "wish list" of books they would like to have... if you want to buy specific books that they need, go HERE.)

Then we headed over for our last morning of work. The group didn't have time for devotions before the school tour, so Justin led us over at the work site.

Then we got to work.

This picture is at the end of the day. We got a lot accomplished and a lot of rebar tied. Most of our legs, backs and hands are sore. And the beach tomorrow... it's going to feel soooooo good!!!

Tonight we are heading down to the monument and to have empanadas!!! So there will be some pictures of that... probably later tonight!


P.S.: I've noticed that huge numbers of people have been following the blog and checking out the pictures. Thanks!!! We truly appreciate your support, prayers and thoughts!!!

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