Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Guitar Hero!!!

One of the best presents this year for your's truly was Guitar Hero. If you've never heard of this game or played it... you have no idea how deprived your life is.

Basically... you get a Guitar that works with your PS2... plug it in... drop the game in the console and you're all ready to go. As you play, you choose songs (which get harder the longer you play) and the notes come down a "guitar fret" looking thing. When the notes get to the bottom, you press the button that agrees in color and hit a strummer. If you miss, it makes an awful sound. (If you miss a bunch in a row, then you fail the song.) If you hit it, you play along with the song. Pretty cool!! And very addicting!!!

Jackie got me this for Christmas before we left the Tri-cities area and I played it a ton over our travels. One night, while we were in Ohio... I got my mom to play Guitar Hero! (Now realize... my mom has never played a video game in her life (that I'm aware of)). It was halarious...

The best part was that she didn't just play once and then give up... she tried 6 or 7 times before giving up. She was such a great sport... and Jackie, Addy (my sister) and I couldn't stop laughing!!!

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me load the pictures... but I'll get them up soon. They are classic!!!


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