Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow... last night was rough...

After watching the Buckeyes get rolled last night by Florida, I found myself wondering where the real Ohio State Buckeyes were. The guys who played last night weren't the same ones that put down two #2 teams (Texas and Michigan) this year.

The guys who showed up last night showed up with almost no heart or enthusiasm. They also showed up and tried to run an offense that is nothing like what they ran all season long (because all season long they ran on the sturdy legs of Pittman and Wells).

I sat and watched in disbelief because, although Florida is good, I don't think they were that good.

But... there's always next year. Maybe they'll learn something and come back strong this August. I'm sticking by my Buckeyes and would still raise my flag (if I had one).


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