Friday, January 05, 2007

Merry Christmas... Surprise...

I ran across this story on Fox's website today.

When Derrick Woods and Chanell Martin decided to surprise their 12-year-old daughter with a Microsoft Zune media player, they had no idea how big of a surprise they were in for. The gadget, they said, came preloaded with more than an hour of raunchy pornography.

"It was a homosexual orgy that they had video taped for an hour and 44 minutes," Martin told FOX News affiliate WFLD reporter Michelle Gielan.

The couple said the Zune package appeared to have been tampered with and the charger was missing. But when they went to complain at the Chicago-area Wal-Mart where they purchased the player, they say the store manager blamed the situation on Microsoft.

Check out the rest of the story HERE.

It's just another reason why you should stick with Apple products... Like the IPOD!!! Good clean media fun!!


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