Friday, January 05, 2007

The Last 6 Visitors...

I've always wondered who has been reading my blog and where they are from. Often people would say to me, "Hey, I was reading on your blog..." But only then would I know who some of those people were. But I always wondered who else might be reading it or at least visiting it that never posted a comment (which are always welcome) or remarked to me about having read it.

Recently, as you will notice to the left of this message near the top of the page, I added a visitor counter. One of the nice functions of this counter is that not only does it tell me (and you if you click on it) who has visited here recently, but it also tells me where they are from (according to their internet provider). I'm not blessed with any names... except from those of you who comment occassionally. But here are a few of the places from which people have visited my blog.

-Carol Stream, IL
-Athens, GA
-Naperville, IL
-Ripon, CA
-Paris, France
-Aurora, IL

I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed what you read!!


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