Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Indian man sends 182,689 SMS messages in one month

Alert the "Someone needs a life police..."
Check out THIS:

File this under asinine and absurd along with the cellphone throwing contest: Deepak Sharma went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent the most SMS messages in a single month: 182,689. We're not sure if that's total, or unique messages, but if you'd like us to break that down for you, that's about 6,100 messages a day, 253 an hour, 4.2 a minute, or a new one every 14 seconds or so. So basically this guy gave up a month of his life sending texts—way to go, dude. His other reward? A 1,411 page bill (don't worry, he has an unlimited texting plan)—compare that to, say, Joyce's Ulysses (speaking of Guinness books… aw come on!), which is a mere 780 some-odd pages, though every bit as difficult to read through.


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