Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IPhone Diet Check In

After a tough weekend, IPhone Diet-wise, I got back on track yesterday at weigh in time. I'm still walking... and still drinking water... and still cutting back on the portions... I'm still on my way toward the IPhone.

My hope is to drop below the 290 mark before the end of the month. This morning was 291.5... which gives me a couple of pounds before I make it there. But I've still got a couple of days.

More updates to come!!



  1. Interesting Feature Comparison between the iPhone OS and Windows Mobile 5

    iPhone - Already an Outdated Technology????

  2. My main interest in the IPhone is twofold.
    First, it's a smart phone for those of us who are Mac users. I would love to have a smart phone, but they won't work with many of the Mac applications.
    Second, I have an IPod, but it would be cool for short trips to have a smaller IPod to have videos and music along for the ride.

    Plus, everyone knows that Mac's are better than PCs... so it's only a matter of time before they take over the smart phone industry.