Thursday, January 25, 2007

I-65 Superbowl!!!

Last night we had small group at a host home of a family in our church. This family will have a very difficult time on Sunday, Feb 4th. The dad in this family is a Bears' fan. The two sons, daughter and wife in the family are Colts' fans.

I'm kinda excited to see a Mid-West Super Bowl. It will be a great rivalry... as long as the Bears come out on top... which they will. My friend Nate Gilmour (who's blog is linked to the left) will give you a different, although very incorrect perspective you choose to dilute yourself with incorrect facts and fantasies.

But I am looking forward to Super BEAR Sunday on February 4th!!! Go Bears!!

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  1. We'll see which Grossman comes out when Freeney and Mathis are bearing down on him. The boy just doesn't like mud on his uniform.

    Incidentally, I saw (on one of the endless Super Bowl analysis segments) that Grossman himself is from the Evansville area. Apparently his high school coach is one of the few people in town not pulling for the Colts! :D