Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Church History Trip - part 1

These posts that are listed as "Church History Trip" are some pics and postings of my Restoration Movement class. We left Lincoln Christian Seminary on Monday morning. Our first stop was Sand Creek Church of Christ in Illinois.

Following Sand Creek, we made the long drive to Nashville where we visited the Disciples of Christ Historical Museum.

This museum is filled with relics from the Stone Campbell movement.

Here are a few of the relics that are housed here:

This is an orginial writing of A. Campbell. It's very hard to read.

These are Alexander Campbell's reading glasses. They are very small and missing one lens... but maybe he didn't need the other one...

This is an actual locket of hair clipped from Alexander Campbell's head after he died, but before they buried him.

I have to say... it was a touching moment...

That is probably enough pics for one post. But that was just half of the ones for Monday and about a quarter of the ones taken for all day on Monday. More to come in Part 2.


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