Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Church History Trip - part 5

Wednesday brought many different sites and lots of driving.

After breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the Lexington Cemetery. Our first stop was the marker for J.W. McGarvey. Click here for info about J.W. McGarvey was a great second generation leader among the Resto movement.

Following McGarvey's tomb, we visited the massive 6 story monument to Henry Clay. Besides being a great politician, Henry also moderated one of Alexander Campbell's debates in Nashville.

After visiting Clay, we returned to the Restoration trail and visited the grave of John T. Johnson. JT. Johnson was instrumental in the merger between the Stone's "Christians" and Campbell's "Disciples" in 1831/32. Click here for more information about JT Johnson.

(I just noticed that many of the information links for these reformers have similar grave stone markers to the pics that I am posting...)

This marker belongs to "Raccoon" John Smith. Which we found out today is because he often wore a "Coon-skin cap." He also had dark bags under his eyes that looked similar to a raccoon's face. More information about Smith can be read HERE.

Raccoon Smith was influential in the merger between the two groups. Smith was also very close to Scott and the Christians.

This next marker was of particular importance to me. This marker is for Robert Milligan. (Click here for more Milligan info.) Milligan was whom The Buffalo Christian Men's and Women's Institute was renamed after when it became Milligan College... my Alma Mater.

Robert is got some pretty crazy hair going on...

Following Milligan's marker, we visited several other locations in the cementary before heading on to other adventures. Check out part 6 for more adventures!


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