Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PDYM Community Lunch at Fox Valley

May 3rd is the date for the next PDYM Community lunch.

The PDYM Community lunch is a great opportunity for youth workers to connect over food, talk about ministry and encourage one another. The cost of the event is $7 or $8 to cover your lunch. But the conversation and time is priceless.

All of those who are listed on the PDYM Community page and are local to Batavia will be getting a personal invitation. But if you are a local youth worker and don't get an invitation or just beat me to the punch and want to come, feel free to email me at jim@fvcc.com and we'll get you on the list to join us.

It really is an incredible time. And the reality is, why do youth ministry alone when you can do with others who care about you and want to encourage you?


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