Monday, March 12, 2007

Church History Trip - Part 9

Here is the final installment of Church History Trip.

After leaving the Campbell mansion, we travelled up the road to the Bethany Church of Christ, the church that Alexander and Thomas began after they left the Wellsburg Church.

This is a shot of the church from the outside. Notice the two doors: one for men and one for women.

This house is down the street from the Bethany Church of Christ. It is the house where all of the Millenial Harbingers were published during it's run of close to 30 years.

This is a photo of the stage, pulpit and communion table inside the Bethany Church of Christ.

Before the Campbell family began the Bethany Church, they attended the Wellsburg church in Wellsburg. While attending there, Alexander Campbell preached behind this pulpit on a regular basis.

Following our stop at Bethany, the trip began to slow down. Our final stop on Thursday was the site, pictured, of the Cross Creek Church where Alexander Campbell presented the "Sermon on the Law." The Church is obviously no longer there, but this was the site. There is also a cemetary here.

The final site of our tour was on Friday morning, before making the long drive back to Lincoln, was the Seceder Cemetery. Here, at a church that no longer exists, Alexander Campbell debated. It was a massive debate that was heard by close to 5000 people.

Overall, the trip was amazing. I wished, even though I was tired as we pulled back into Lincoln's campus, that the trip was longer and there was more to see. But alas, all good things come to an end. And in the midst of a light rain, we pulled back onto Lincoln's campus only to leave Jackie and I wish a 3 hour drive home.

It was a great trip!


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