Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Church History Trip - part 3

Tuesday morning, we were up bright and early and out to one of the coolest places on the trip... Cane Ridge... but before we got there, we made a couple of other stops...

Here's what happened on Tuesday...

We started out a May'slick Christian Church. This church was one of the locations that Walter Scott, one of the movement's founders, preached for 3 years. Click here for W. Scott info.

A church continues to meet in this building. It was a very neat building to walk around inside, but like many country churches, very few folks still attend here.

In fact, the board stated that last weekend, 22 people worshipped here.

After leaving the church, we drove about 2 miles up the road to where Walter Scott was buried after dying in 1861.

Across the street, literally, from where Walter Scott is buried is where he lived before he died. This is his house (minus the garage). We were scheduled to go in and look around, but the guy who owned it didn't seem to be home.

That concluded about half of Tuesday... but definately not the coolest part. You'll find that in part 4... Cane Ridge!!!


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