Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Church History Trip - part 2

After leaving the DOC museum, we went over to Central Christian Church in Nashville. Housed there is something very cool....

This is a pulpit that was used by Alexander Campbell when he came to Nashville to preach at a local Baptist church. Somehow this pulpit ended up on Central Christian Church, and it was great to get a couple pictures of it.

Jackie took my picture behind Campbell's pulpit. Check out the pics of Campbell below... I think I'm a dead-ringer!!!

We moved on from Central and went to a local cemetery. While there, we saw several grave markers of great 2nd generation leaders...

This is Tolbert Fanning's marker. Tolbert Fanning was a great leader, preacher and publisher of the Gospel Advocate. Click here to read more about him.

Following Fanning marker, we moved over a couple of rows and found the marker for David Lipscomb. Lipscomb was a powerful leader and founder of Nashville Bible School... which later became Lipscomb University. Click here to read more about him.

While we were talking about Lipscomb... I snapped this picture of my wife... Isn't she cute???

After viewing Lipscomb's grave marker and several others. We headed over to David Lipscomb's house called "Avalon."

This is Avalon. While we enjoyed dinner, we heard some of the history of the Lipscomb's and the University.

All of it was very interesting. But we were still in Nashville and we had hotel reservations in Lexington, KY. So we jumped on the bus, had a long conversation about Thomas Campbell's "Declaration and Address" and then hit the sack after a very long first day.


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