Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Church History Trip - part 6

After leaving the Lexington Cementary and making a stop at what may have been Moses Lard's house... we headed out to Midway College. Midway holds a very important instrument. This melodeon is "the" instrument that may have begun the argument among some of the Restoration movement churches over musical instruments. Eventually, it would lead to a split between the Disciples of Christ and the Churches of Christ (non-instrumentals). Click HERE for more information on this incident.

That small instrument was removed from the Midway church... which sat on the site of the current Midway Christian Church. When it was removed by Adam Hibler and hidden in his barn for awhile before it was finally returned.

But this argument was instrumental (pun intended) in a future division between the Disciples' churches.

Following Midway, we stopped by Georgetown College where we viewed an original painting of Georgetown College, which Barton W. Stone was involved in starting.

After leaving Midway, we visited one of the homes of Barton W. Stone.

This is a long range photo of this house as the people who own it and live it are snowbirds and happen to be out of town. So, we looked on from a distance and took a few photos.

After a few minutes in the bus, we stopped by the house that "Raccoon" Smith lived in. This, however, is not the original front of the house. The original front was around to the left from this picture, but the picture of my wife sitting on the porch was too good not to post...

Following the visit to "Raccoon's" house, we stopped by the church where he used to preach. Here is a little story with a couple of pics from inside.

When we visited this church, no one was around to let us in. It would have been great to visit it, because the pulpit that Smith used is inside and they still use it today. That webpage will show it to you.

After leaving Smith's church, we began our long trek to where we are tonight... Morgantown, WV. But along the way, we stopped at my sister's Alma Mater, Kentucky Christian University.

That wraps up Wednesday. We grabbed some "Golden Corral" for dinner and hit the sack. More pics and stories tomorrow!!!


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