Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Church History Trip - part 4 (Cane Ridge)

After we left Walter Scott's home, we took a trip down Barton W. Stone lane... Click Here for some information on BW Stone.

We viewed both sites of BW Stone's Concord Churches. The only thing to really view were some foundation stones at the second site of the Concord Church... neither building remains.

This is a long distance photo from our bus window of BW Stone's house... It was the small porton on the left hand side...

Following Stone's house, we headed to Cane Ridge. This marker is the final resting place of BW Stone. Stone was the leader of the "Christians" in Kentucky who united with the Campbells and the "Disciples" in Pennsylvania in 1831/32 to create the Disciples of Christ Churches.

I say 'final' because Stone's bones where actually moved three times. This is his final, and permanent until resurrection resting place.

The meeting house at Cane Ridge, is actually housed inside a larger "shrine" to protect it from the elements.

This is the actual Cane Ridge meeting house where the Cane Ridge Church met for years.

This was also the site of a great revival that began the wheels of Reformation for BW Stone that eventually led to the Disciples of Christ and Christian Churches.

This is a photo that I took from the balcony level of the Cane Ridge meeting house.

I sat up there for about a half an hour while Dr. Rea and others talked about the meeting house. It was an incredible place to sit and breathe it all in. In fact, I could have sat up there all day if they would have let me... But we needed to move on.

But before we did, I climbed into the pulpit at Cane Ridge and had Jackie take my picture.

If I could do anthing, I would have loved to have gone back and spent some time with BW Stone and seen some of the events at Cane Ridge. What an incredible time!

Following Cane Ridge, we grabbed some great Chinese food for lunch before heading over to the Lexington Theological Seminary, just off the campus of UK in Lexington.
The stop was a great one. The Seminary there holds several orginial paintings. This one is an orginal oil painting of Alexander Campbell (that's not dirt above his head, the paint is flaking off). They also hold paintings of Stone, John "Raccoon" Smith and others.

After the stop, we headed back to the Best Western where we grabbed some R&R and I posted these blogs...

More to come from tomorrow!!! Wednesday!!!


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