Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CIY pics 1 - Sunday and Monday

Sorry for the delay in getting some of the CIY pictures uploaded for your viewing pleasure... especially parents. We had some trouble with digital cameras (great when they work... stinkers when they don't) to upload the pictures to my computer.

But I think we've got our problems worked out and we'll try to get some pictures up for you to see.

The first set are from Sunday and Monday. After a long ride in the van on Sunday, we made it to Hopwood Christian Church on Milligan's campus around 9:00 pm (EST). We grabbed some pizza and some z's and jumped in the van on Monday to go to Laurel Falls.

Jared and Boone have their towels and they are ready to head to the Falls.

On the way to the Falls, we stopped by McDonalds for a little breakfast. Paige, Bailey, Bekah, Amanda and Boone took a second under the "It's McParty Time" sign for a quick picture.

The group took a moment to take the official CIY picture at the bridge on the way out to Laurel Falls.

Here's a look at the falls!!!! Aren't they incredible!!!

After hiking out to the falls, swimming for over an hour, soaking in God's creation, we headed back to campus and got registered for the Conference! After dinner, we headed down to the Chapel for Celebration. Here, Paige, Bekah, Bailey and Rory are waiting for things to get underway.

Greg Frazee and his band took the stage! And man, did they lead us in some worship!!! (Click HERE to visit Greg's webpage.)

Those are a few of pictures from Monday. Today is Wednesday and I've got some great pictures from yesterday that I'm hoping to get posted soon. So, if they aren't up yet, check back soon!


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