Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CIY pics 2 - Tuesday!!!

Again... sorry that it took us so long to get some pictures up. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's (Monday's) pics. If you missed them, click HERE.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday!

Tuesday morning, after a little breakfast, moved us into an incredible time of Encounter. Encounter is a time of 1 on 1 with God. It's about 25 minutes of guided morning devotions.

Bekah and Paige are digging into God's Word.

Alyssa Reimers is spending some time in the pages of the Bible.

Elisabeth VanderBand is writing down some morning Encounter thoughts.

After morning Encounter time, we moved into D-Groups... 90 time spent in God's Word.

Boone, Jared and the others are grabbing some lunch.

Part of the theme for Tuesday was knowing your "true" identity in Christ and taking off the mask that we often wear and allowing ourselves to be visible to our friends. As part of the D-group time, we made masks. At Celebration, they asked us to wear them, take them off and then leave them behind. Here, Jared and Clayton share their masks.

After an incredible night listening to Brad Stone, we wrapped up the night... literally... with some His Time and a group "Cinnamin Roll." A "Cinnamin Roll" is where we put someone in the middle and everyone joins in hugging them.

Tuesday was a good day!!!

Wednesday pics will be up tomorrow!!


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  1. Tell Natalie that Mackenzie misses her!