Saturday, June 30, 2007

CIY pics 5 - Friday!!

Friday was an incredible day. I think you'll know what I mean here in a few pictures.

We started off Friday with a little Tunak Tunak Tun dance off. Rory grabbed my Bears jersey and a sharpe and joined in and made it on stage!!!

Here's Rory on stage. He didn't last very long. The girl who won it was really good. But Rory did a great job too!!!

After the Dance Off... we moved into a little D-Group time for the final time this week. And it was a good time. The Spirit was really moving and it was really an incredible time in God's Word.

Celebration time was a great time as well. Jared and Clayton get into the worship!!!

Greg Frazee and crew rocked the house on the last night.

Following Mark Christian's challenging time from God's word, we moved onto His Time. Since yesterday was Ravynn Buie's birthday, we took some time, sang "Happy Birthday" and had some cookie cake.

We wrapped up the night, literally, with another group Cinnamin Roll.

But I saved the best for last... at the invitation time following the message, Marisela accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. We had hoped to baptize her in the creek before going to bed, but a thunderstorm prevented us.

So we got up first thing in the morning and did it. Here is a very cold, but very excited "Child of God!!!"

It was a great week of CIY. I'll have one more day of pictures from Saturday here at Woodlawn Lakes Christian Camp. But I'll have to get them uploaded tomorrow... the mosquitos are biting!!!


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