Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wedding... incredible moment!

This weekend I am preparing for one of 'those' moments in youth ministry. One of 'those' moments when you get asked to be a part of something incredible because you were a part of something incredible in someone's life.

This weekend, I will perform my first wedding. I said when I got into fulltime ministry that I wasn't interested in performing weddings or funerals unless it was someone that I had a close connection to. I just don't feel called to do a wedding for everyone who walks into our church building. But this weekend I am marrying one of my former students to his college girlfriend and 'girl of his dreams.' Simply because he asked and he means a lot to me. It's one of those incredible moments in youth ministry that reinforces my commitment to youth ministry for the long haul.

Kraig has heard me teach on marriage, sex, spiritual growth, evangelism, worship, prayer and a myriad of other things... but this weekend, I will have the opportunity to pronounce him a husband and Stacy his wife.

It will be an incredible moment for he and Stacy and for me... well, for me... it will be an unforgetable moment as I will see a man who I think a great deal of and have watched grow from a goofy middle school boy to an incredible man of God and hopefully someday partner in ministry.

More on this later... And hopefully some pictures.


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